How OLED Improves Television Viewing Like Never Before



Television screen technology is constantly evolving, with flat screen TVs starting out using plasma for displays, moving onto LCD and now OLED. The OLED is proving to be a superior product compared to its predecessors both in energy usage and picture quality. The latest TVs, such as the Vizio OLED TV, pushes the envelope for flat screen TVs, coming in thinner and more energy efficient than ever before.

To begin with, OLED stands for organic light emitting diode, similar to the LED that is found in many electronics and some light bulbs. The OLED has been around for over 50 years, but fell by the wayside until manufacturers picked it up again about 20 years ago.

Using organic to describe a piece of technology may seem strange, but it is due to the fact that carbon based materials are used in the manufacture of an OLED. The OLED puts out light when stimulated by electricity. A screen made from OLEDs does not need to use a back light, unlike LCDs, making the operation of a Vizio OLED TV energy efficient. The screen also does not throw off the amount of heat that a plasma or LCD does. For many, the loss of a free heat source will be outweighed by the superior picture quality that is generated by the OLED.

OLEDs are far superior than the previous display technologies for many reasons. Manufacturing a display of OLEDs is simpler than LCD, keeping the price low on items that use them. The colors are more intense, but don’t saturate, giving the viewer a more accurate color image. OLEDs respond quickly to images changes, which leaves no shadows behind on the screen. Finally, the viewing angle is far superior to other technologies. Some LCDs lose the picture when viewed from the side, causing everyone in the room to have to pack in tighter to see the show.

Many consumers may be already familiar with OLEDs, but not be aware of it. Cell phone manufacturers were early adopters of the technology, but the OLED part got buried in the tech jargon. AMOLED and PMOLED are the two most common displays for cell phones, and are used for their aforementioned properties.

The future is indeed bright for OLED television displays, and consumers are going to view TV with a clarity they never thought possible.


The Benefits Of OLED Television Technology



Most people have enough trouble keeping plasma versus LCD televisions straight, let alone figuring out whether they care enough to worry about getting an LCD television that specifically has an LED backlight. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the rush of new technologies and to start wondering whether all of these things are really beneficial enough to be worth the trouble of upgrading and getting used to something new. In the case of OLED Technology, though, there are some very significant benefits that should make these screens appealing to anyone.

With OLED Technology, scientists have actually developed a way that they can simultaneously generate both the image and the light that makes it visible. This eliminates the need to install a separate backlight into a device. For people who love having a television that is thin and light, this means that a Vizio OLED TV can be made both thinner and lighter than any technology of the past would have permitted. At the same time, the backlight on a screen takes up a very significant portion of the energy that it consumes. Switching to this technology will mean that televisions can use less electricity, and portable televisions and computers will be able to run far longer on the same battery charge.

There are significant benefits to the viewing experience with an OLED television as well. For one thing, the images produced are both clearer and brighter than those that can be created through other techniques. In addition, the images refresh at a much higher rate and can be seen from almost any angle at the front of the television. A family that sits down together to watch a Vizio OLED TV will get the most crisp and vivid viewing experience that they have ever seen, and they will be able to position themselves anywhere in the room without harming their viewing experience.

This is a technology that is taking a huge step forward. Not only does programming look better than it ever has, but it can be watched on devices that take up less space and also consume far less power. Since the development of this approach is still very recent, it is amazing to think of how much farther it will be able to advance.


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